Thursday, 5 May 2011

At Dusk, Ninjas vs Vampires posters

Fangoria has a look at We Are The Night, with some US release dates here.

Vampire Cafe spotted Nina Dobrev talking about the Vampire Diaries finale below.

DreadCentral has a look at the Five Faces of Ninja's vs Vampires.

BloodyDisgusting has some more new Priest images here.

Dread Central has news that Lucy Pinder is to play a vampire in the film Strippers vs Werewolves

An Italian short horror film is making the festival rounds... the trailer for At Dusk is below, website is here.

Taliesin tonight gets stuck into 1997 film Vampire Holocaust

Al Crepuscolo / AT DUSK (Official International Trailer, 2011) from Matteo Macaluso on Vimeo.

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