Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Vampire Academy film details, Fangbook author initiative, catch VD!

Vampire Film News spotted this, an interview with Preger Entertainment who are behind the proposed Vampire Academy film. compares the BBC and SYFY versions of Being Human here.

Fangbook is looking for authors and writers to join the community and take part in author chats.

Fangbook is committed to developing relationships with authors, such as yourself, not only for the purpose of promoting past, present and future works, but so we may provide a way for authors and their readers to connect. With that in mind, we would be honored if you would consider giving us an interview, on who you are as a writer, your body of work, along with whatever specific project or subject you feel is relevant to you and your readers. Additionally, we would be thrilled if you would also consider becoming a special contributor to our "Vampires in Literature" Group.

 IO9 reviews Being Human Season 3 on SyFy here.

There are some billboards promoting the return of Vampire Diaries here... catch VD!

Taliesin today looks at Vampire Mob Season 1

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