Thursday, 13 January 2011

Being Human Season 3 date

Being Human season three has a release date!  Jan 23rd, details are here.  There are some character pictures of the characters in season 3 here.

There is an interview with Sam Witwer here, of the american SyFy version of Being Human.

Vampire Cafe has some Vampire Diaries spoilers here.

Vampire Cafe spotted a Breaking Dawn photo here.

Screentesting is getting under way for Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter.  BD has the details here. Dread Central takes a look at some of the talent being lined up for roles here.

Dread Central has the synopsis for Vampire Diaries episode 13 here.

There is news of a Count Dracula competition in Hawaii here.

There is news of some new anime here... Vampire Knight Guilty.

Taliesin today review 2004 film "Artifacts of Time"

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