Friday, 14 January 2011

Infectious Bite, Fangbook, True Blood themed restaurant

There is a nice article here about vampire fans helping to fight Malaria, at Infectious Bite.

News of a comic is here... Little Bite : Vampire Detective

There is a Q and A with the stars of SyFy's Being Human here.

This was spotted by Suburban Vampire and Vampire Cafe.  Fangbook, a new social network aimed toward "a variety of people who can engage in relevant debates relating to subjects like mythology, vampirism in literature, vampirism in pop culture, Sanguinarianism, and general topics like art, music and current events." The website is located at

Vampire Cafe spotted the trailer for the Buffy Season 8 Motion Comic.

This is nice.... has its ten worst Van Helsing's ever.

There are some more snippetts from Colin Farrell on the Fright Night remake here at Shocktilyoudrop.

VampireFilmNews spotted news of an indie vampire film in Memphis - At Stake : Vampire Solutions has news of a True blood themed restaurant opening in Conneticut.

Taliesin today reviews 1993 film Vampire Family

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