Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Immortal The Musical, Being Human clips, The Dracula Papers

First up tonight, a new vampire musical spotted by Suburban Vampire.  Immortal the Musical.  The website has 7 songs from the musical score to listen to.

"Writer/composer Crystal Collier alerted me to a new show campaigning to make its way to Broadway: Immortal the Musical. The production involves a vampire named Count Lucas Delamark, a "recluse who occupies the town’s most prestigious estate" and "harbors a damning secret."

Vampire Film News spotted this, news of an open casting day on the 26th January in Phoenix Arizona for vampire film Draugierre

Vampires.com looks at 1894 book "True Story of a Vampire"

Vampire Cafe spotted a couple of sneak peeks at the next episode of SyFy's Being Human below.

More new book news... The Dracula Papers are on the way.  The Author is Reggie oliver, and the first book details can be found here.

DreadCentral has news that the BBC's Being Human will be showing Season 3 on BBC America next month on February 19th.

There is news of Kurt Busiek's Dracula : The Company of Monsters here.

Taliesin today looks at Vampire Zombie Werewolf

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