Saturday, 29 January 2011

Eulogy for a Vampire, Becoming Human, Eclipse and Let me In Behind the scenes clips

MTV has some news from the Vampire Diaries set here.

Thre is another review of the film Vampire from the Sundance Film festival here.

Vampire Cafe spotted an interview with the cast of SyFy's Being Human here.

Dread Central has two behind the scenes clips from Let Me In here.

Vampchix blog has a look at the January vampire book releases here.

Vampire Cafe spotted two behind the scenes clips from Eclipse here.

Dread Central has some big news... March 8th will see the DVD release of Eulogy for a Vampire

A remote, rural monastery houses the young repressed monks of the Order of Pathicus and their dark secrets. Tainted by the severe murder of a young acolyte after a rebuked advance, the monks further retreat from a society they crave to join. After a quarter century of silence, the house’s violent past yearns for awakening. Animals are found eviscerated, odd sounds breathe in the night air, and an evil presence is felt throughout.
When an unconscious young drifter is discovered near the monastery, his sexual presence unsettles the young novices as well as the resident priests. The man’s dark charisma ensnares the attentions of the young novices as they are unraveled by their tense obsessions, except for the monk Rafael, who resists the stranger’s temptations and seeks escape from the doomed cage of the crumbling monastery.
Director Patrick McGuinn (Sun Kissed) and screenwriter AndrĂ© Salas (Latin Boys Go to Hell) create an erotic homage to "Dark Shadows", Hammer films, and 1970s Italian tales percolating with a sexual pulse, a menacing tone, a tinge of sly camp, and supernatural evocations. Eulogy for a Vampire was filmed in an atmospheric 19th-century manse in historic Philmont, New York, owned by Eleanor Ambos, the celebrated New York City antique dealer. The film stars Wilson Hand as Father Anthony, David McWeeney as Father Lars, Damacio Ruiz as Rafael, Angelo Tursi as Sebastian, Ryan G. Metzger as Florian, Craig Philip Lumsden as Eric, Darin Guerrasio as Brother Matthew, Nate Steinwachs as Stefano, Shawn Hollenbach as McGee, and Sal Bardo as Young Anthony. 

Dread Central has the synopsis for #15 of Vampire Diaries here.

Joss Whedon talks about Buffy season 8 and the upcoming 9 here at

The BBC is about to launch a Being Human spinoff drama on Sunday... Becoming Human.

Taliesin today looks at The Hitchhiker : New Blood, a 1991 film from Joel Fargas

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