Thursday, 27 January 2011

New Vampire Diaries promo and other stuff! spotted a new promo for Vampire Diaries here.

Kevin Alejandro talks about his role in True Blood season 4 here.

Screenjunkies has its 10 best vampire attacks in films here.

There is a review of "Vampire" from the Sundance film festival here.

There is an interview with Vampire Diaries' Kevin Wiliamson here.

MTV declares that Kristen Stewart is a scary vampire in Breaking Dawn here.

There is a review of the Tarot of Vampires here.

There is news of a new computer game here... Bite Club.

Taliesin today looks at three current web series.. End of the line, Blood and Bone China and Caballo Blue

Dread Central has news that Renfield : The Undead has picked up a distribution company and should be on DVD in the near future.

Some new vampire fashion dolls have been released... details are here.

Dracula : The Musical ended unexpectedly in Buenos Aires... details here!

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