Saturday, 26 February 2011

Split, February Vampire books, Godric returns? Vampire Diaries #17 clip

Vampchix blog has put together the list of February Vampire book Releases here.

Dread Central has a look at the prospects of Godric returning in True blood season 4 here.

Vampire Cafe spotted a roundup of Vampire Diaries cast interviews here.

Vampire Cafe spotted this clip from Vampire Diaries 17 below.

Shocktilyoudrop has a little more Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter casting news here.

Fangoria takes a look at Bonnie & Clyde vs Dracula here.

Gamespot takes a look at The Dishwasher : Vampire Smile for the XBox360 here

Taliesin today looks at The Return of Lord Ruthven, a 2004 Novel by Alexandre Dumas & Frank Morlock. has a look at Isreali TV show Split which is starting to make an impact in the states.

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