Monday, 21 February 2011

Rutger hauer to be Van Helsing, Vampire Boys

Dread Central has news that Rutger Hauer has landed the role of Van Helsing in Dario Argento's Dracula 3D.

Vampire Cafe has Aiden Turner of BBC's Being Human talking about possibly leaving the series, and a look at last night's episode here.

Vampire Cafe has 15 links around Vampire Diaries episode 15 here.

Vampire Cafe spotted a clip from the third episode of Becoming Human below, and a review here.

Vampire Cafe spotted news that Klaus of Vampire Diaries has been cast...  British actor Joseph Morgan being named.

BloodyDisgusting has a little news on the Dylan Dog Cinema release (April 29th)

There is news here of a new dvd out March 8th... Vampire Boys

The Examiner has news that the Vampire Mob season 2 web series starts on March 6th.

Taliesin today looks at the Vampirism Bites web series.

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