Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Legends of the Night

The BBC has launched a spinoff series called Becoming Human... Vampire Cafe spotted a clip below.

Shocktilyoudrop spotted this, looks like it may well have some vampire aspects to it. Legends of the Night

Monsters don’t really exist. But what if the day came when that all changed. Where the possibility of coming face to face with a thousand year old vampire, a horde of flesh eating zombies or a hungry werewolf, was real. That kind of world serves as the backdrop for Legends of the Night, a new horror anthology TV series, that is an intriguing revision of human history in a world where monsters and other "things that go bump in the night", actually do exist.

Horror in film and television is as popular as it’s ever been, however, Legends of the Night promises to be much more than just a run of the mill horror show. Creator Karl White explains, “This isn’t just a hap-hazard interpretation of a parallel history. It’s not putting creature “A” in, say Victorian England or the Wild West, cause it sounds cool. LOTN is a carefully laid out timeline with stories that focus on dark subject matter with human history serving as an anchor to put it in a real perspective. With an emphasis on building stories and character that have a purpose and an arc, rather than focusing on worn out clichés, cheap shocks or blood and gore.”

Legends of the Night is also taking a different approach to building a fan base that has started before the show has even found a home. White has started a website and an online petition as a unique grass-roots campaign to raise awareness for the idea. He is seeking help from horror fans everywhere to get the series on the air. “I want fans to be part of the process in getting Legends of the Night on TV. The response so far has been great. I think people see that it’s something new and fresh, something that is lacking in horror today, and because of the potential they’re behind it.”

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