Monday, 28 February 2011

Honor at Stake, Lost Boys 4, Vampire in the Hole, Vampire Diaries 16 roundup

Details of an indie film project looking for backing is here... Honor at Stake

Vampire Cafe has rounded up all the links around Vampire Diaries episode 16 here.

Vampire Cafe also spotted a new poster for Dylan Dog.  BloodyDisgusting has 30 new stills from the film here.

The cast list for Johnny Depp's Dark Shadows has been posted... Vampchix blog has the details here.

Big news here... Warner Premiere looks set to announce a Lost Boys 4 film! Dread Central follows that with possible news of a tv series.

Dread Central spotted a trailer for Vampire Diaries 17 below.

Shocktilyoudrop spotted the trailer for spanish film Vampire in the Hole

New book news...  "The Night Club, Part One" by Jiri Kulhanek.

Taliesin today looks at 2010 Anime Fortune Arterial


  1. amazing book, i have the Czech and Englisch edition, this book shows the vampires from completaly new perspektiv, you have to have it!!!
    ladislav, Czech fans

  2. thanks ladislav, will add it to the shopping list!