Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Joaquin Phoenix to star in Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter

Vampires.com has a look at vampire books coming out in February here.

BloodyDisgusting has an interview with Let Me In director Matt Reeves here.

BD also has an interview with Vampire director Iwai Sunji here.

BD has the final poster for Dylan Dog here.

BD has news that Joaquin Phoenix may be very involved in the Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter film.

A reminder that the calendar at the foot of the blog has as many release dates as I can find...  today is the DVD release of Let Me In and there are a small bunch of vampire books released today to go with it.

Taliesin today looks at The First Vampire : Don't Fall for the Devil's Illusions.

Toby Whitehouse, writer for the BBC Being Human is taking questions here.

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