Thursday, 11 February 2010


Bloody Disgusting has news of Alicia Silverstone and her appearance in "Vamps"

Vampire Cafe spotted news that "Live Evil" has been pushed back to a July 13th release date.

Vampire Cafe spotted some Twilight news... a sneak preview (7 minutes) of Eclipse is going to be on the New Moon DVD. More Twilight stuff here, with news of spinoff documentaries about Forks.

Entertainment online has news of "Private Practice" having a vamp episode.

The BBC had a new documentary last night... vampires: why they bite. The Independant has a review here.


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  2. Did you record the Vampires: Why They Bite by any chance? I wanted to see it but it didn't air anywhere except the UK. :(

  3. I didnt, forgot it was on. Andy set his satellite reminder, i'll ask him.