Friday, 26 February 2010

Catch-up Friday

Ok, back from Paris, and thanks to a few scoundrels that regularly haunt this blog (you shall remain nameless, but you know who you are) I return to the horror of Lifesized Edward Cullen dolls.

Gabrielle Faust spotted news of two True Blood conventions... Australia (date TBA) and the UK 6th-8th August

Right, Vampire Cafe posts tons of wonderful bits of news, so here's the catchup from the Cafe from the last few days.

There is an interview with Matt from Vampire Diaries here.

Becca Wilcott has produced an unofficial companion for True Blood called "Truly, Madly, Deadly"

The cafe spotted these details of True Blood season II DVD and Blu-Ray.

This spoof popped up on the Cafe yesterday - Intercourse with the Vampire

We had news in the last blog post about Vampire Hunter D having a possible live action film... Dread Central has more on that and news that a new manga version might be on the way also.

Bite Club episode #33 is available to download here.

BloodyDisgusting has unearthed some "Dylan Dog" pics.

Dread Central has a promo for "Ugly Americans" here, and details of the upcoming series due out March 17th. (Video is USA only)

Dread Central spotted this, and it is new film news - Brides of Sodom by B-movie specialist Creep Creepersin.

Stephen King is involved with a graphic novel called "American Vampires" due out March 17th. Dread Central has details and an alternative cover here.

This is worth a read... Bram Stokers Dracula - A reflection and rebuke of Victorian Society by Amanda Podonsky.

News of a vampire Xbox live game is here. Dishwasher : Vampire smile.

This isnt strictly vampire... but Drusilla from Buffy is doing a documentary on Gary Oldman, my favourite dracula.

Bring back Tom Cruise as lestat... so says this, and i have to agree!

There is mention of a new film here - Vampiress, Lady of the Night


  1. Hey Paul,

    Firstly how was your trip to Paris, what did you get up to?

    I wholeheartedly agree with Tom Cruise back as Lestat. They need to do THE VAMPIRE LESTAT properly, but I'm not sure whether Antonio and Brad will return as Armand and Louis as they are both getting on, and Armand is really supposed to be a 16-17 Russian boy with Auburn hair! Of course with flashbacks they could always use stock footage for those scenes since Kirsten Dunst is grown up, unless they re-cast some roles.

    I would love to see the proper scene with Magnus, and Lestat interact with Marius but more importantly a vampire Gabrielle (Lestat's mother for those who don't know).

    But if Tom Cruise comes back so must Neil Jordan. The movie needs to the same cinematography and brilliance of the original film, Gothic and sublime with a classical soundtrack, none of this modern QOTD rock rubbish.

    Plus I'd pay to see Tom Cruise on stage singing real 80s songs of Lestat, not KORN/Johnathan Davis (though to admit I'm quite fond of the QOTD soundtrack with the other artists singing, I just don't like Davis' voice it didn't suit Lestat). They could do it 80s like the Lost Boys :)

    We'll just have to cross our fingers, the IMDB forum of IWTV which I haunt constantly preaches for these things to happen....

  2. Hi was great thanks, just a few days doing the tourist stuff, and handing over the hard earned money to the army of beggars.

    Cruise et al would be great, i agree... cant see it happening though unfortunately. Still, fingers crossed we will get a good cast! Mr teatime for lestat, thats what i say! ha!

  3. Mr Teatime for Lestat?

    You've got to be joking. He was a HORRIBLE Dracula....

  4. haha... yes he was, and he would be an even more diabolical lestat!