Saturday, 6 February 2010

CSI : vampires...

Gabrielle Faust spotted yet more rumours of True Blood III casting... eric's dad could be played by eric's dad?

Vampire Cafe has some Being Human spoilers.

Jafula's youtube channel spotted this (almost new) trailer - The Vampire Sex Diaries.

CSI NY has a "vampire" episode coming up... details are here.

The Examiner has news that vampire shoot-em-up The Grinder is coming to the PS3


  1. Even Castle with Nathan Fillion had a 'vampire' episode! By the way, that Gone With the Wind With Vampires -- Epic! Thanks so much for sharing, Everlost!

  2. Okay, is it me or does anyone else find it odd that the trailer for the vampire pron has better production values than half the straight to DVD efforts (and apparently more story - unless it was all in the trailer)!

    The original CSI also had a vampire episode, its in the honourable mentions over at my site. I'm just glad we didn't get one in CSI: Miami (I couldn't stomach Horatio claiming expertise in that area, along with everything else he's supposedly expert in!)

  3. it did look quite professionally made, didnt it? perhaps the title is a little misleading, it didnt look much like a porn film.

    i think its standard to have a vampire episode in every major tv series now isnt it? those shining examples set by "Murder she wrote" and "Diagnosis murder" simply have to be followed...