Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Romero Bumbledrac!

Another quiet night! whats gone wrong, vampire newsmakers?

There is a review of "Concilium Sanguinarius" here on the convent of blood site.

There is a review of "Dracula : undead Awakening" for the playstation mini here.

Fearnet has some more on "the last voyage of the demeter" mentioned yesterday.

ok, since it is a quiet day... taliesin, gabriel... first sight of vampire bumble bees? Romero Bumbledrac is up for sale on ebay. has some news that James Van der Beek may be directing an episode of Vampire Diaries.

IO9 has some news of vampires in the current batch of comic releases here.

News here that Robert Pattinson has been nominated as worst supporting actor, and half of worst couple for the Razzie awards.


  1. Hey -- it was so not a slow day -- I was featured on Vampire Wire today! ;-)

  2. Thanks for posting the review ^V^

    I'll pass on the Drac Bumblebee as Taliesin just screamed at me that he wants it, but I'm happy for the Razzie - it should take old RPatz down a notch or two. Poor Baby.....

  3. "vampire bumble bees?" Not an episode I have seen yet - but Friday the 13th the series, The Sweetest Sting (season 2) I believe had vampiric bees....

  4. I knew you guys would know... you bidding on the bee andy?

    congrats on fame, nicole! good reviews everywhere, as far as i have seen!