Sunday, 7 February 2010

Bing goes vampire!

Gabrielle Faust has spotted this... The Bing search engine has done a vampire ad. has some news and slight spoilers on episode 14 of Vampire Diaries.

There is news of a new documentary on BBC3 coming this week here - Vampires : Why they bite.

A plug for a blog i've just spotted today and added to the links... Glorious Female Vampires - doesnt need much explaining, lots of nice youtube bite scenes, with those glorious female vamps doing the biting.

Dread Central has the True Blood season II DVD and Blu Ray details here.

Vampire Cafe spotted this possible news of a second season of Vampire Diaries. has an interview with Corey Feldman on Lost boys 3

Dread Central has some news on "Twilight : Eclipse" editing.

Taliesin today reviews the first of the Being Human books.

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