Tuesday, 26 October 2010

True Blood season 4 news starts to appear...

Book news to start tonight... One Blood is a tale of a vampire haunting the town and campus of Princeton... Written by E.F.Watkins, it will be on sale this month.

Vampire Cafe spotted some casting news for Season 4 of True Blood, and BloodyDisgusting has some season 4 info here.

Comicsalliance takes a look at the MONSTERS Project by Chris Samnee here.

Moviefone has a nice piece... how women shaped horror, plenty of vampire references in there.

Sigourney Weaver talks about her role in Vamps here.

There is a brief history of vampire comics here.

Io9 has spotted some vampires in an episode of the Venture Brothers cartoon.

Taliesin today looks at 1987 film "Haunted Cop Shop"

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