Thursday, 7 October 2010

Renfield : The Undead website, Sister Mary Dracula, Lust Bite

DreadCentral spotted that the Renfield : The Undead website is up and running.  This film will premiere at the Bram Stoker Film Festival, Oct 14-17th in Whitby.

DreadCentral has a couple of new Ugly Americans clips here.

DC also has some detail for the Dracula : The official Bram Stoker Family Edition for the iPad here.

DC has an interview with Hans Rodionoff, writer of Lost Boys : The Thirst here.

New graphic novel news here... Sister Mary Dracula.  The website is here.

There is more on the vampire musical comedy Vampire Summer Camp here.

Houston is the latest university to offer a vampire literature course... details are here.

There is news of a new web series here - Lust Bite

Taliesin today looks at Higanjima - Escape from Vampire Island

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