Sunday, 5 September 2010

Vampires vs Ninjas

Horrormovies.Ca spotted this wonderfully titled film... Ninja's vs Vampires. Trailer is below.

One week to go until vampire Diaries season 2 is here... Vampire Cafe spotted this look ahead.

Mention of a new vampire short is here, with a couple of pics... Vampyre Compendium

There is a look at the "Vampire Mob" series here.

There is an interview with Ian Somerhalder and Michael Trevino of Vampire Diaries here.

SmallScreenScoop compares Vampire Diaries and Forever Knight here.

There is news of a new book release here... Letters of Cain by Pierre Roustan.

Ontheflix has a new Vampire Diaries pic here.

A new site added to the links today that looks to have a ton of vampire art and other stuff...

The Dailyrecord has an interview with Billy Murray who stars in Dead Cert.

There is a review of Sherlock Holmes & Vampires book "Seance for a Vampire" by Fred Saberhagen here.

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