Thursday, 2 September 2010

Peter Vincent gets a makeover!

Shocktilyoudrop has a peek at David Tennant as peter Vincent in the Fright Night remake here.

BloodyDisgusting has news of the first trailer for Let Me In... if you can find it. BD also has the french poster for the film here, with a small taste of blood.

Something for vampire fans in New Jersey... Vampyre Macbeth.

The LATimes has news of a vampire attraction coming up at Universal studios... Vampyre : Castle of the Undead.

News of another vampire game for the iPhone is here... Choice of the Vampire

There is a look at Romania's new Dracula exhibition here.

Suite101 takes a look at Dracula and Hammer studios in the 1970's.


  1. I couldn't believe that picture when I saw it. He's gone from a Peter Cushing/Van Helsing Hunter to a Criss Angel Illusionist?

    Is he going to use Naruto's Rasengun attack to fight vampires? WTF!? RASENGUN!! :(

  2. I just want to add that the main reason Charlie Brewster asks for Peter's help in the original is that he plays a vampire hunter in movies. What would be the reason for Charlie asking for an illusionist's help to vanquish vampires, unless of course his stage show FRIGHT NIGHT does that kind of thing?

  3. Changed a little from Dr Who hasnt he? no sign of tweed jackets here...

    I read somewhere that the fright night film exists in the remake, and he is linked to that... some serious plot altering going on by the looks of it!

    Yeah, my missus said Criss Angel straight away, but then another friend pointed out he looks like michale sheen in underworld as well.