Friday, 24 September 2010

Kate Beckinsale back in Underworld, Vampire Diaries promo's, Guillermo del Toro's next vampire book

The Independant today has an article called "Lesbian Vampires : Back from the Dead"

Suburban Vampire has an inteview with the creator of Vampire Mob, Joe Wilson here.

Fangoria does a review of the "Suck" Blu-Ray / DVD here.

Vampire Cafe spotted confirmation that Kate Beckinsale is returning for the next Underworld film.

Vampire Cafe spotted a webclip and extended promo for episode 4 in the new Vampire Diaries series.

This isnt vamp, but its aimed directly at the Twilight crowd, according to BloodyDisgusting... (no comment about twilight not being about vampires either, you notice!)... basically twilight but with werewolves... The Dark Devine.

Dread Central spotted this new website, to go with the release of Lost Boys : The Thirst - The Vampire Registry Coalition! Join the Frog brothers in their fight against vampires...

Guillermo del Toro talks about his second book in his vampire trilogy, following The Strain here... The Fall.

DreadCentral has a look at Night Tales here, possible vampire involvment!

Taliesin today looks at "Never the Bride" by Paul Magrs

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