Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Vampire advertises tampons, More lesbian vampire killers, Early Vampire Diaries review, and a new book review from Darque Reviews

Not sure if this is a "real" advert for tampons or not, but i have seen it on two websites this danger of this ad being run in the UK! If its a fake, apologies to Johnson&Johnson...

We have an interview with the lads behind "Lesbian Vampire Killers" here.
(Film released 20th march in the UK)

The Futon Critic has done a review of the upcoming vampire teen flick, The Vampire Diaries - review can be found here

Book Review - Darque Reviews has done a review of the latest vampire book from Kerrelyn Sparks - review is here

And finally...Taliesin's vampire review of the day is a Crossing Jordan TV episode

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