Friday, 27 March 2009

Christopher Lee Interview - Nic Cage's vampire poster sells for lots

The daily mail online has an interview with Christopher Lee here

Apparantly, one of Nicolas Cage's rare Dracula posters has gone under the auction hammer and brought in a whopping great $31000! read the full story here

This weekend brings the seventh annual Vampire Masquerade Ball, for those people lucky enough to be in range of Portland, USA - Full details of the event are here

We have news of three new films in three days! According to Fangoria online, the same film company that produced Twilight, has now lined up an entirely different kind of vampire film (thankfully) with "Elevator Men"

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Summit Entertainment, the home of the TWILIGHT film franchise, is acquiring a screenplay spotlighting the less romantic side of vampirism. Titled ELEVATOR MEN, it’s the first screenplay by former DreamWorks executive Marc Haimes.

That moniker (which will probably change) refers to one of the evil mind games that the story’s creatures play with their human victims. “It’s a reaction to all of these stories now—TV shows and movies—that play this kind of romantic, fantastical, sexy aspect of getting involved with monsters,” Haimes tells the trade. “This is the dark, sinister version of what really happens when you decide you’re going to get close to really bad things. That fantasy element is something I wanted to look at and play the exact opposite: the grim reality of bedding down with a monster.” Mark Gordon, whose credits include SPEED and SAVING PRIVATE RYAN and who is currently an executive producer on REAPER, and Josh McLaughlin of Mark Gordon Productions will be among the film’s producers.

More casting news for "Dead of Night" below

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Taye Diggs and Anita Briem have joined the cast of the indie horror film "Dead of Night," currently filming in New Orleans.

The actors join Brandon Routh ("Superman Returns") and Sam Huntington ("Fanboys") in the Hyde Park/Platinum Studios supernatural thriller being directed by Kevin Munroe ("Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles").

Diggs, who stars on ABC's "Private Practice," will play Vargas, the head of a vampire family. Briem ("The Tudors") is Elizabeth, one of Dylan Dog's (Routh's) potential romantic conquests.

Joshua Oppenheimer and Thomas Dean Donnelly ("Sahara") penned the "Men in Black"-style vampire-werewolf-zombie film, which they adapted from the best-selling 1986 Italian comic series "Dylan Dog."

There is news and interview with the co-authors of the new release in the "House of Night" vampire book series, "Hunted" here.

Taliesin's review of the day is "Let the right one in"

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