Tuesday, 17 March 2009

First Post - Thirst, Twilight, Tru Blood & Vampire Comics

Well, here we go...first post of the blog, and i am determined to make it a good one. I'll be posting news and stuff i come across on the web as and when i find it, including download links for books that occasionally become available. On with the vampire news!

There is a Korean vampire film on the way called "Thirst" - trailer & details here:

Now, we all know that the media & the corporate money making machines have well and truly jumped on the Twilight bandwagon. For me this is the worst kind of vampire film...it brings us vampires that dont want to bite and sparkle in the sunshine...enough said. I read yesterday that Robert Pattison had a panic attack while watching his performance in the film, and that just sums it up - vampires should above all be strong, confident and ready to do what vampires do best...that is bite!

Anyway...i won't rant on the first post, instead i shall provide a link for one of the most pointless twilight stories to appear on the web - lets hope for all our sakes it doesnt happen.


Tru Blood...now there is a series! Even the merchandise raises a smile...

And finally...this is a site i came across today. For those of you that like vampire comics, its well worth a look, as there are several available for download.


I counted...12 x 30 days of night, a vampirella, a dracula and 2 bloodraynes. There are also several Vampire : The requiem books from White Wolf available to download.

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