Thursday, 19 March 2009

...and from a little later on a thursday morning

There is a nice little piece on the state of today's vampires in film here - in the socialist worker of all places, vampires do get everywhere!

Does anyone need an excuse for a weekend in Dublin? The Irish Film Institute has announced plans for a city wide celebration of Bram Stoker's Dracula. The IFI are planning a weekend of festivities dedicated to the Dracula mythos, running from April 17th to the 19th. Full story here

Lesbian Vampire Killers looks like it is starting to suffer at the hands of the critics, as a few start to see previews - all it needs now is a lawsuit to follow, and here's one right on cue! The director of a film "Carmilla (2002)" is considering setting a coven of, on the LVK producers. Read the evidence here (ps - watch the trailer for said Carmilla, its very good!)

Heres something new - FVZA - Federal Vampires and Zombies Agency - a comic series slated for release in October this year. Full story and interview with the creators is here

Here is today's Twilight corporate bandwagon story of the day...all 24 hour walmarts in the states having twilight parties at midnight, to suck some dollars out of twilight fans.

The Suburban Vampire has a couple of trailers for new films, both of which have been submitted to the Vampire Film Festival. The films are "The Dead Matter" and "Dead Sucks"

Taliesin's review of the day is "Dracula & Son (1976)"

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