Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Vampire Skateboarders, The Strain, Julia

Funny or Die has done a new clip for Real Estate's Crime series.  Video is here! It's got vampire skateboarders...

New book details here, "To Touch the Sun" is by Laura Enright

Guillermo Del Toro's The Strain is getting a TV series (on FX, June 22nd ). Dread Central has a teaser clip here.

The Strain - Pupil Teaser by dreadcentral

There are some pics and a promo video for Originals 1:19 here.

Supernatural 9:19 is going to be packed with vamps again, Dread Central has a look here.

This looks like it might have some Elizabeth Bathory tendencies... (possibly worth a vamp or not on Taliesin's vampire review?)  Julia has a woman who bathes in blood as a form of therapy.

There is a preview for Dusk Til Dawn 1:06 here. There's a glimpse of Santanico Pandemonium too, if she is half as memorable as Salma Hayek in the film... wow!

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  1. I'll happily do a vamp or not :) very exciting review coming up at TMtV on Friday btw