Sunday, 6 April 2014

Halloween Hell, Nosgoth game, Aflicted, True Blood trailer and date

ok, catchup time after a couple of days away.

First thing that popped into my mailbox, a freebie kindle vampire book called Vampire Assassin : Jane #1

There's a look ahead to a new vampire multi-player shooter game called Nosgoth here.

NEW FILM NEWS - Halloween Hell is going to have a Dracula in it.

There are details of a new book here called Keeper of the Crypt by Madeleine Bellmond

Supernatural has vampires dotted around it's episodes... news here that 9:19 is going to be a vamp episode, with a synopsis. Airs April 22nd.

NEW FILM NEWS - At least, newish anyway...  there is a look at European vamp film Afflicted here. Dread Central has three clips from the film here.

The first trailer for Season 7 of True Blood is here... New season starts June 22nd

Dread Central has a clip of the Being Human finale here.

There is a video looking at Seth from the Dusk til Dawn TV series here.

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