Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Haloween Hell, vampire Fish, new Afflicted clip

Vampire Academy is going to be out on Blu-Ray May 20th.

The web series for The Morganville Vampires books has been confirmed, details are here.

Dracula is getting added to the Timeless Gems game series.

There is a new clip from Afflicted here.

New book...  A Dance in Blood Velvet, Dread Central has an excerpt here.

Dread Central has a ton of The Originals bits about upcoming episodes here.

Halloween Hell plot details are here.

Vampire Fish, you ask? Attack of the killer Lampreys, I reply.

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  1. The Freda Warrington series is excellent, though not new - a reprint. I went through hell to find my copy of a Dance in Blood Velvet. Eventually my significant other actually went to Freda and got me a personalised, signed 1st edition hardback... The day after reading it I found the paperback in a market (I bought that too)