Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Malayalam version of Dracula, Upcoming Horror Movies, Abraham lincoln set report, Daylight Fades

First up tonight, a new resource for anyone looking out for vampire films... Upcoming Horror Movies has a vampire section here. I've also made that a permanent link over in the Horror Film sites over in the links.

BloodyDisgusting has some new True Blood casting news here... a Twilight vamp joining up?

Kate Beckinsale talks about her Underworld Awakening role here.

Dread Central has some NEW FILM NEWS here... a Malayalam version of Dracula being made.

MTV has a set report from Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter here.

A Twilight Musical is currently terrorising New York... there is a report here.

Daylight Fades will be getting a DVD release on January 30th in the UK, and is available from amazon here. This film won top prize at the 2010 New Orleans Vampire Film Festival, so should be on everyones shopping list!


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