Friday, 20 January 2012

Dracula and Van helsing? New Depp picture, Underworld : Awakening reviews has a new behind the scenes clip and poster for Abraham lincoln : Vampire Hunter here.

Vampire Cafe rounds up recent Underworld Awakening articles here.

VC does the same for the last Vampire Diaries episode here.

VC spotted a new Johnny Depp as vampire picture here.

BloodyDisgusting has its review of Underworld Awakening here. Dread Central have their thoughts here.

There are rumours that Sony Pictures are going to produce a movie called Dracula and Van Helsing... the studio recently bought up a whole bunch of domain names to that effect.


  1. I have to degree from Barnabas' appearance I'm expecting Burton to be taking a page out of Werner Herzog's Nosferatu The Vampyre, as these features were lacking in the Jonathan Frid rendition.

    I would mind some creepy shadow work. I also hope he can shape shift in this version as well and we finally get a return to old Gothic Horror.

  2. Ah, is just me or does JD plastic face remind you of the Mad Hatter/Willy Wonka? *sigh* JD is only being stretched in so far as his corneas and accent variety.
    I have to agree with the Count, I want creepy Gothic, not La'dela, fantasy and Gothic Lolita...he has done that,over and over again.

  3. I'm still hopeful we will get a good, if not great film out of this... have to agree, there is a resemblance to willy wonka here. Vampiric oompa loompa's anyone?

  4. Good movie with full of action. Watching 3D would be a better option. Those who cannot understand fluent English should go for the dubbed Hindi version. Both Kate Beckinsale and the girl playing her daughter character have done excellent work with awesome action scenes which has scenes of blood sucking vampires and horrifying attacks by the lycans. .