Saturday, 21 January 2012

Being Human season 4 clips

BBC's Being Human season 4 is not far away... several teaser trailers have been released, they are below.

Dread Central has a preview of Vampire Diaries #13.


  1. When, when, when, when?????

    *happy bounce*

  2. They havent named a date yet... i will tell you when they do, i promise!

  3. Not sure how it's going to be without Mitchell as part of the cast!
    I read that this is George's last season too. The werewolf actor isn't going to return for another season, so I doubt Annie will.
    Not sure where that leaves the show!
    Perhaps fans will then have to seek solace in the U.S version?

  4. Oooh thank you, I really can't wait!

    Count Basarab,

    As far as I know Russell Tovey (George) is not seeing out the whole seasons, they are bringing in a new vampire AND Georges place will be taken by Tom so they are claiming the premise will go back to the original scenario of a vampire, ghost and werewolf living together. There is no need for Lenora to leave unless she wants a change.

  5. is 5th Feb. My birthday!!!