Saturday, 11 June 2011

Vamps, Kiss of the Damned

I'll start tonight with a press release from the new Getfanged community site.

Wondering where your Bite has gone? Well, wonder no  more.
GetFanged.Com is back!
If you are receiving this it is because you are a former 
GetFanged member and we want you back. Over the past few 
days we have been  inundated with questions about our 
affiliation with DarkMediaCity.Com. This  email is being 
set out to clarify that GF is not part of DarkMediaCity.Com. 
GetFanged is a separate endeavor that focuses solely on 
alternative  lifestyles.
DarkMediaCity began as GetFanged but a separation  between 
founders took place in April, 2011. GetFanged is now its own 
entity and  has returned to the original objective of offering 
members of alternative  lifestyles a haven for discussion and 
For those of you looking to take a bite out of GetFanged again, 
come join  us at
For those of you who have already joined us at the new site, 
we've got one  question for you - What's got you Fanged? 
Tell us on your next status update and  we'll feature our favorite 
Please feel free to send any questions or  concerns to
IO9 takes a good close look at upcoming vampire romcom Vamps, starring Alicia Silverstone.

 News of a new film is here...  "Kiss of the Damned"

Tim Burton talks about Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter here.

The True Blood cast talk about waiting for season 4 here.

Taliesin tonight looks at Nightwing

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