Friday, 10 June 2011

True Blood Interactive video, MACkula, Little Vampire spotted news that DC comics is relaunching the I...Vampire comic.

Dread Central spotted a True Blood facebook app that lets you put yourself in some True Blood video... details here.

The cast of True Blood talk about what to expect in Season 4 here.

VampireCafe spotted new that Dylan Dog has manage to get a DVD and Blu Ray release on July 26th

New film news... BloodyDisgusting spotted news that a new 3D animated film "Little Vampire" is coming.

Dario Argento talks about his Dracula 3D below... spotted by Shocktilyoudrop.

There is news of a new release of Vampire Hunter D manga here.

News here that rapper Flavor Flav is making a vampire movie called MACkula

Hustler also has a couple of vampire films in the works... details here.

Taliesin tonight looks at The Vampire Lord Ruthwen

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