Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Closing down...

Sorry folks.

After 2 and a bit years of posting every night, i'm now really struggling to keep putting 2 hours a night into scouring the web for new vampire material, so i've regrettably decided to bring the curtain down on the blog, at least for the forseeable future.

I hope its been useful and its been worthwhile for all of you!

I'll be continuing to be involved in, and with the gang over at, and very soon  i hope to be attempting to get a novel published, so keep an eye out for Silver and Sunlight (2 books written, No 3 in the works)

So... thanks for all the comments and thanks for reading!



  1. :(

    sad day, but many thanks for all you've done for the vamp community. I know that me and thee will be in regular contact and we will be getting together at the BSFV but I will miss the posts.

    your friend


  2. You've done an awesome job and stuck with it far longer than I could have! Hope to see you around still - keep in touch and drop me a line somewhere when you publish or have a new project!

  3. O no! Your site has always been an awesome resource for me and I'm sad to see it go. Good luck in the future with all you do!


  4. Sad day, yes. Paul you've done a hell of allot of contributions in the community and don't think it will go unrecognized, we both know it will. Your blog was a main outlet for me and plenty of others for kick ass updates. I'm happy that you'll be still hanging around getfanged and look forward to seeing you there when you can be. Know that you have become a touch stone to many people in the VC. Good to know you my friend. Don't run off to far, we'll have to come bite you in the ass for good measure.

  5. I've been a daily reader of your blog for quite a while now and have found it full of great information - lots of stuff I would not have known about otherwise.

    I will truly miss vampire news. If you ever decide to reopen I guarantee at least one daily reader here. But whatever comes I wish you luck and happiness.

    It's been a bloody good time!

  6. All, thanks for your kind words, i just have one thing to say to them.

    To hell with closing down! I sit here seeing stuff i want to tell people about and then remember im not doing it any more... well no more of that.

    Actually what i'm going to do is turn it into a weekly blog, at the weekend i'll have time to put a few hours to it and round up the stuff from through the week. I'll drop the non-stories like "so and so talks about this film here" and stick with whats really new.

    So. Come sunday sometime, i'll have an update on some new stuff. Sorry i cant keep it going every single night, but it got to the point where i had little choice.

    Hope you all keep reading!