Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Vampire Acadamy films? True Blood reaction...

Dread Central has an update and somes tills from "Dead Cert"

Vampire Cafe has a couple of feature on last nights episode of "The Gates" here.

Vampire Cafe has hoovered up all the stuff around last nights True Blood episode here... 34 links! Make sure you get over to Vampire Cafe and support deaana with all the work that goes into collecting all these.

USAToday has news that Eclipse will be the most romantic of the Twilight series. Oh goody.

There is a little Vampire Diaries season 2 casting news here.

Shocktilyoudrop has some big news... the film rights for the "Vampire Academy" series of books from Richelle Mead have been picked up.

Taliesin today takes a look at "The Death of Alice Blue"

Comicbookresources has a feature on the upcoming "Dracula : Company of Monsters"

News here of a new mobile game for the iPad... "Dracula : Path of the Dragon"

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