Thursday, 24 June 2010

Suck artwork & release date.

Fangoria has the DVD art and release details for vampire film "Suck" here... September 28th.

Dread Central has news of Being Human featuring at a San Diego convention here.

Thanks to taliesin for pointing out this monstrosity... Robert Pattinson related to Dracula.

MTV has a feature on True Blood's shapeshifters here.

News of a new book... "The trouble with twilight" by Steve Wohlberg


  1. Re: Pattison and Dracula...

    Dracula wasn't a real person, Vlad Tepes was. is run by LDS Members
    Stephanie Meyer is a LDS writer
    Meyer gives part of her profits to the LDS Church...
    There is a new Twilight movie coming out.
    The math here is simple..... :)

  2. sorry "Pattinson".

    From interviews he seems like a nice enough guy, it's just Edward that's the douchebag...

  3. Dont think he will ever escape the sparklie vampire tag will he... seen interviews recently where he seems to be beginning to hate it.