Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Fright Night release date, True Blood and The gates stuff.

Vampire Cafe has been busy, Deaana deserves a medal for all these links!

First up, an interview with the vampire king from True Blood here. If you want to know anything about the new episode, look no further than here... 24 links around episode 2.

Not content with that, Vampire Cafe has ten links to articles on The Gates.

BloodyDisgusting has news that Fright Night 3D will be getting an October 7th 2011 release date.

Dread Central has director Breck Eisner talking about his "Blood of the Innocent" project here.

Ontheflix has a preview of episode 3 of True Blood here.

I've added a new blog over on the links tonight, check out the Bitten blog... lots of good True Blood stuff and other vampire goodies.


  1. Hey Everlost,

    So far season 3 of True Blood has been top notch. The addition of the weres from CLUB DEAD is a blessing from the horrible choice to expand Mary-ann the Maenad's stroyline in Season 2. They've changed the weres roles somewhat from the books, but alot has changed from the source material so that's fine., and they've made them sinister and evil like wolves that work for Count Dracula in a way which is awesome.

    I was impressed with the premiere of THE GATES. It's not trying to be Buffy, Vampire Diaries or True Blood but its own creation, and I enjoy that it has vamps, weres and witches in it. Its like an adaptation of an unknown urban fantasy book series. I think you'd like it.

  2. Hi Gabriel... it certainly looks like season 3 is every bit as good as 2 or 1. We were just saying 10 minutes ago that we need to read the books, they are sat above my desk in a still sealed packet!

    The Gates looked decent from what ive seen, a little woried about the low ratings it got for the pilot, you know what tv channels are like for chopping series that arent bringing in the punters. But yeah, they bite, theres blood and Rhona Mitra makes a more than decent vampire... will definately watch it if it ever makes it across to the UK.