Saturday, 27 June 2015

Vintage vampire horror auction, Undying, Bi-Curious

Well its been a really quiet week, I didn't miss Thursday and Friday, there was just nothing out there worth posting! So, doing a little weekend digging, and I've got a few bits and pieces.

There is news of a massive Vintage Horror collection going up for auction here... The Morris Everett jr collection has 196000+ items and has plenty of vintage vampire lobby cards, posters etc. Auction takes place Monday 29th June.

New kickstarter projects from this week :

Bi-Curious is a potential webseries about two lesbians who run away and get turned into vampires.

Undying is a dice-less vampire role playing game of predation and intrigue. Your world is blood, debt, humanity and status. This one already got funded, so keep an eye out for it. Video is here.

Something I've started doing, over on Vampweb... vampires on the telly for the coming week for both USA and the UK

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