Thursday, 14 May 2015

Preacher filming now, Strange Blood, Twilight Spinoffs

First up, a little news that Preacher is making some progress... filming is under way.

Fancy an online university course based on The Strain, vampire parasites and virus themes? DC has the details here.

Here we go, some NEW FILM NEWS - Strange Blood. Dread Central has a look at the film here. The trailer is here.

A new vampire action mobile game is out... Underworld : Return of Werewolves

Taliesin today looks at Sexandroid, a french film from 1987... join in his despair by reading the review, as he returns a miserable 1/10

Oh joy, thought this had finally had its coffin nailed shut.  news here of six Twilight short spinoff films, with perhaps more to come.

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