Saturday, 30 May 2015

Blog Contest, Rakshasudu, Tansylvania, Blood Dawn

A shout for an event, in London on the 4th June... The London Vampire Magazine is hosting a gathering.  Vampiir : An Early Summer Night's Scream

New film news here... an Indian film called Rakshasudu is out in India, May 29th

Transitions is a new Webseries... 6 episodes so far, more to come. Transitions is a web series that takes place within the world of the supernatural. The show follows, Ed Loomis a distraught man on the streets of the city of Kingdom. He meets Zachariah a vampire and from that moment his life is changed for eternity. Follow Ed as he becomes introduced to the dark society of the supernatural and his acceptance of becoming a vampire.
Here are some details of a new vampire project (webseries) seeking some help to get started.. TansylvaniaTansylvania is a short series about a modern-day female vampire gang in Los Angeles that deals blood out of a spray tan salon in The Valley.

And here is another potential webseries... Blood Dawn.  This trailer is part of a fund raiser to complete Blood Dawn as a web series please if you like what you see please check out our fund raiser at

A vampire film on kickstarter looking to get funding... Midnight Thirst.  Midnight Thirst follows the story of Jocelin Casto, a mother who comes home to find her six year old daughter Rachel has been attacked and turned into a vampire during a string of vampire attacks in the Seattle area. With the police killing vampires on site, Jocelin knows she must keep her new vampire daughter a secret, but as the nights go by, Rachel becomes ill from lack of blood consumption. To quench Rachel's blood thirst, Jocelin must do something she never fathomed doing.

And for the blog Contest, I've got a copy of Grey Francis' erotic vampire novel "Bound to a Vampire" to give away... i'll make it nice and simple, first one to leave a comment on this post wins a copy of the book in epub format  (i can help with opening it, if that's a struggle)

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  1. Awesome, I'm glad I stumbled in here... Looks like I'm the first too. ;) And, I'd like the book please.