Friday, 12 August 2011

Vampire Dog, Vampires Mummies and Monsters, Blubberella

Vampire Dog - new film being filmed by Trilight Entertainment.  News of the filming is here, with the official website here.

Fangoria has news of a two dvd set called Vampires, Mummies and Monsters, out Sept 27th

Fangoria has some exclusive artwork from DC Comics upcoming I, Vampire #1. This is released Sept 28th.

Blubberella - Uwe Boll has shot a parody of Bloodrayne 3 by the sounds of it... Dread Central rates it as the worst comedy film ever. Dare you watch it?

Twilight has been featured in this weeks Entertainment Weekly...  Vampire Cafe spotted the details here.

A new Vampire Diaries season 3 promo is out... Vampire Cafe spotted it.

Wesley Snipes (still sat in jail) talks about the possibilities of doing another Blade film here.

BloodyDisgusting has a new clip from Fright Night - this one a tour of Peter Vincents mansion.

Dread Central has put together its top 10 sexiest bloodsuckers of the night here.


  1. Thanks for the season 3 preview of The Vampire Diaries. Good timing as I think the same week True Blood ends, that starts up. So my addiction for vampire TV will just flow on naturally :P

  2. Cant have you with no good telly, can we? What we need is a vampire channel, tehre has to be enough material out there to run one now?

  3. I agree.

    VAMPIRE TV. Let's do it.