Monday, 22 August 2011

DarkFever, Fright Night reviews, Underworld set report, Vampire Prosecutor

ok, a few days to catch up on.

Dread Central has a roundup of  the Fright Night reviews here.

Vampire Cafe spotted some new Breaking Dawn images here, and some behind the scenes pics here.

BloodyDisgusting has a set visit to report from Underworld Awakening here.  Shocktilyoudrop has an interview with Kate Beckinsale here.

Some possible NEW FILM NEWS - Dreamworks have picked up the rights for DarkFever

DreadCentral takes a closer look at Empress Vampire, an upcoming Asian vampire flick here.

Keep an eye on this... R.I.P.D looks like it might feature a vampire or two. An Honourable Mention, as Taliesin would put it.

Dread Central has a new clip from Death Valley, another series that will be featuring vampires among other creatures.

Dread Central has three clips for the upcoming True Blood episode.

Some new book news...  The Quest for the Vile by W F Thompson is now on sale.

There is mention of a new Korean vampire film here... Vampire Prosecutor.  Not sure if this will be a vampire version of Judge Judy...

Fangoria has a clip from upcoming Vampire documentary, Dracula : The Vampire and Voivode here.

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