Wednesday, 25 August 2010

30 Days of Night : Dark Days new pics, True Blood in 60 seconds video recap

Another slow news day...

Vampire Cafe has this bit of news... Vampire films have brought in $7billion into Hollywood.

HorrorMovies.Ca has some new "30 Days of Night : Dark Days" photos.

BloodyDisgusting spotted this recap from HBO... True Blood in 60 seconds.

MTV takes a look at Priest here, due May 2011.

Taliesin today takes a look at 2008 film "Blood Countess"

News is here that Dracula director Francis Ford Coppola is receiving the Thalberg Award.

A plug for a new blog to finish with tonight... The Vampire Chronicles Art Gallery blog, added to the links over there >>


  1. I'm a bit disappointed that Dark Days is only getting a DVD release. I wonder why that is? We haven't heard much about it either, so I'm hoping it's still entertaining and bloody.

    Thanks for the Vampire Chronicles link - hope he/she does some lovely portrait art of the characters.

  2. Hi Gabriel! I'm Melissa, the creator of the TVC Art Gallery blog. This gallery is solely for the art Anne mentions in the text of the books - but I hope you will keep up with it anyway! The Blood and Gold gallery will knock your socks off...Marius knew his stuff. :-)=

  3. Doesnt sound like they have much faith in the new film, 30 days of night did quite well! Suprised also...