Wednesday, 12 March 2014

A new start. Blood and Shadows. Prince Lestat, Rebekah leaves the Originals. Summer of Blood.

ok, well that has been a tough couple of years...  self employed working all hours, then working for an international company that decided I could do the IT support solo. Finally things look to be settling down, I have some help, and once again some time, so...  let's see if I can start and keep this going again, shall we? I cant promise posts every single day, but I should be able to do most days.

First off, a little advert for a little project I've started...  if anyone is interested in doing some collaborative vampire writing for the sheer enjoyment of it, leave me a comment here, and I will get in touch. Have a look
if you are interested. Blood and Shadows.

Right! On with some news...

A couple of big headlines recently that I guess most people know about.  The american version of Being Human has run its course, and has been cancelled. And unless you have been under a rock for the last week, you will know that Anne Rice has told the world she is unleashing Lestat once again, with a new book called Prince Lestat.

Ryan Kwanten talks about the last season of True Blood here.

A blow for fans of The Originals, seems the actress who plays Rebekah has quit!

Some new film news...  Summer of Blood might not have traditional vampires, but there is blood drinking going on.

Robert Rodriguez talks about his Dusk Til Dawn TV series here.

Nick Damici tells the world that his Stake Land TV series is still a long way off here.

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