Monday, 5 November 2012

Dracula : The Dark Prince, Beautiful Evil

ok, so that was probably the worst times comeback for a blog ever.  Been away for the last couple of nights, going away again with work tomorrow.  Bear with me, it settles down after wednesday I promise!

NEW TV SERIES - No confirmed name yet, but a new TV vampire hunter series is on the way... sounds like a similar set up to The League of Extraordinary Gentleman.  Details are here.

NEW FILM NEWS - Dracula : The Dark Prince

NEW FILM NEWS - Beautiful Evil.

Beautiful Evil revolves around a celebrity photographer, Steve "Flash" Turner, who discovers that a wealthy, beautiful baroness - someone he'd do anything to get on film - might be a homicidal monster.
Veteran actor Robert Loggia (Scarface, TV's "The Sopranos"), Yasmine Bleeth (TV's "Baywatch"), and Gary Daniels (The Expendables, Tekken) will headline the Hollywood Hills-set creature feature announced at AFM this week. Genre vets Tommy "Tiny" Lister, Jr (Dracula 3000), Christopher Showerman (The Land That Time Forgot), Tim Thomerson (Trancers), and Andrew Lawrence (TV's "Bones") have supporting roles in the film; Beautiful Evil is written by BJ and Julia Davis and directed by Asif Akbar.

Get a taste of immortality in Beautiful Evil as the Hollywood Hills are littered with the bodies of Sunset Strip prostitutes. The ladies of the night are decapitated; no remnants or traces of blood remain in their lifeless bodies. The LAPD are perplexed, and Steve “Flash" Turner, a down and out paparazzi photographer, is hoping his luck is about to change when he captures Beverly Hills socialite Baroness Von Siepold at a star-studded event. Flash gets the shot, but the image of the Baroness does not transfer to the digital picture. No one will believe this sure-shot photographer missed a photo op as the body count continues to rise when the sun sets.

NEW COMIC NEWS - 30 Days of Night has a new crossover series coming out, details are here.

NEW CLIP - Dread Central has a new clip of the next Vampire Diaries episode here.

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