Monday, 29 October 2012

The Eternal, Fright Night sequel

Six months off, things change. No longer doing long hours, I am back in the 8:30-5 rat race, so lets see if I can get this blog going again!

I'll be doing things a little differently now though... it will just be genuinely new stuff, be it books, music, film TV or oddity. I wont be doing "here are some new pics from series X episode Y" - quite frankly there are hundreds of sites dedicated to gossip and pics from the big series and films, and I'd rather spend my time unearthing things that you lot might not know about, or is genuine news of something worth knowing about.

So... onwards!

I'm going to start with three Youtube channels you might all be interested in subscribing to.  Between them, they have a lot of bite scenes, new vampire video clips and some hard to find stuff.  Todundverklarung, Jafula2000 and Vampiressbait2.

MUSIC - This is a couple of weeks old, but i'll post it.  Sally Street has done a vampire video for her new song, "Without You".

NEW FILM - Bloodydisgusting has news of The Eternal being picked up by Toronto film makers AFM Raven Banner. Shocktilyoudrop has a few details of the film here.

NEW FILM - Bloodydisgusting has news that a Fright Night 2 is on the way, a sequel to the recent remake.


  1. I second that. Welcome back and thanks for the You tube links, I will check them out.

  2. Best Halloween gift ever, so good to see you back here.

  3. Thanks all... feels like the right time to bring this back to life, i should have a bit more time on a night now after work. I say should!

    Glad this thing is useful to you all.

  4. Hey, hope you get to update a little more often soon, and thank you for kindly pointing out my YouTube channel.
    Happy new year, Jafula2000

  5. I really like your updates, but you need to do it more often :)