Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Thanks to the Bram Stoker Film Festival

No regular post tonight, just a quick word on The Bram Stoker Film Festival.

Stand out film...  Vamperifica.  Walked away with the audience's choice award, and if there had been a best lead actor award, Martin Yurkovic would have no doubt walked away with that too... very funny, solid film, well worth everyone investing a few $ and a couple of hours to see it!

Bonnie and Clyde vs Dracula was good fun, and well worth a watch... and belgian mockumentary Vampires was as good if not better than expected.

Away from the screen, the festival treated us to Lisa Starry's "A vampire tale" - great performance, kept several hundred people spellbound from start to finish.

One final mention to Adam Hurst.  If ever a vampire / horror film needs some haunting background music, do not look any further! Nice guy, and very very very talented. Apocalyptica, need someone to open...?

Last word to Michael McCarthy, who organised another great festival.... seriously, even if its a long trek for you, try and get there next year... this festival is the best week of our year and it is getting better each year.  Congrats Michael, thanks for another great week!


  1. Really nice review of the festival, great blog too! Some great vampire related events and films this year, especially Vampires Tale and Vamperifica.

  2. thanks necro... were you there this year? We loved it, its become our best week of the year. Will definately be there again in 2012!