Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The Aswang Phenomenon, The Harsh Light of Day, Varity Vampire, Vampire Prosecutor

Right, apologies for no update last night... we spoiled ouselves with a stay in Whitby and a night in the fantastic Bats and Broomsticks - no place like it!

So... onwards!  And i'll start with a couple of NEW FILM NEWS items, both spotted by

First up... The Aswang Phenomenon, a Filipino film looking at the legend of the Aswang.  The official website is here. also spotted this upcoming UK Film The Harsh Light of Day

After returning home from the launch of his book about the occult, Daniel Shergold's house is broken into by thugs, who beat his wife to death and leave him paralyzed. A depressed agoraphobic in his secluded country cottage, Daniel mourns the death of his wife while being cared for by home nurse, Fiona. He is unable to accept the lack of success the police have in finding his wife's killers. Daniel accepts a visit from a mysterious stranger who insists he can help him reap revenge. He agrees and is thrown into a strange and horrific transition into darkness. With renewed strength, Daniel sets out to avenge his wife's murder, but at what cost?

The official website is here.

Vampire Cafe has a few links around the start of Being Human season 2 on SyFy here.

BloodyDisgusting has a bit of casting news for Hotel Transylvania, due out Sept 21st 2012

Dread Central has a couple of clips from the upcoming episodes of MTV's Death Valley - definately vampire action going on in the second one!  (Viewable in USA only)

There is news here of a new Vampire animation - Varity Vampire is a 4 part animation, first part has just been released, with a new part being released each week.  The official website is here, well worth checking out!

Korea has a vampire criminal investiagion drama TV series called Vampire prosecutor - there is a good look at it here.

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