Thursday, 1 September 2011

September book Releases, The Bleeding (another one)

There are some Vampire Diaries episode 2 spoilers here.

NEW FILM NEWS - The Bleeding (not the same as The bleeding from a year or two ago with Vinnie Jones)

An American spy on assignment in Romania stumbles upon a dark secret that the inhabitants of the region have hidden for centuries. The lesser of two evils is questioned when he infiltrates a small unit of German SS soldiers who encounter a mysterious enemy while fighting partisans in the Carpathian Mountains... vampires.

I mentioned new Faith and Angel comics being released a night or two ago... now a trailer has appeared, Digitalspy has the details here.

There is some new artwork from the comic Hulk vs Dracula here. takes a look at the book releases coming in September.

BloodyDisgusting has some casting news for Johnny Depp's Dark Shadows here

Dread Central has more screenshots for Bloodrayne : Betrayal, due out Sept 7th for Xbox live.

The original fright night is getting a Blu-Ray release, Dread Central has the details here.

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